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    Соблазнительное боди Esmeralda черного цвета выполнено из эластичного кружева и стреп-лент. Лиф открытый на косточках. Бретельки и застежка на спинке регулируются. Боди упаковано в красивую плотную коробку.

Dating Ukraine

Dating Ukraine! Only warm feelings and harmony in relationships bring peace and long-lasting relationships - Alte24.com.
As far as we know, harmony plays an important role in all spheres of life, and must strive for harmony both for lovers and for couples.. In harmony there is greatest happiness and stability.

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Dating Ukraine

Territory Free

At the time of opening the site, we have created two types of dating, the first one - free - where you can get acquainted with free access - its Territory Free.

VIP area

The second type of dating is the VIP area where users who paid for the Classic Package and have the opportunity to communicate, as with VIP-profiles and Site Leaders, and with all Users of the site - of their choice. Well, of course, Site Leaders are Users who immediately attract the attention of the entire audience Alte24.com, such Users are clearly not without attention!


Marriage announcement

A special offer has been developed for site users who can submit a marriage announcement on the site and thus increase their chances of meeting with their loved one.
A marriage announcement can be with your phone, Skype, e-mail, Viber or other contact information - of your choice. Your contact information can be seen by all Site users, or only VIP territory users.
Watch for the site news as new services are developed that will improve your comfort on the site as well as contests.

Unique METHOD!

Also in the development is a unique method of searching for your Second Half!
Be Alte24.com and maybe tomorrow you will meet Your Second Half!!!