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Premarital Sex and its effect on family life

id667618093 Premarital Sex and its effect on family life

Sexuality is an instinct imprinted into the genes of each living creature. Attraction to the opposite sex has been the key factor behind reproduction and survival of each species. Most of the species are born with only seasonal sexual necessities. They mate and reproduce only at limited times a year.

Human beings, on the other hand, have active sexual instincts throughout his/her life; right from the very day he/she discovers his/her sexuality in pre-adulthood. This instinct has found overpowering the cultural advancement we have gained over the past.

Sexuality is only sexuality for all other animals, but human beings have restricted forms of sexuality like pre-marital sexuality and extra-marital sexuality. The main reason behind introducing this restriction is that unlike all other animals we live in a civilized society with strict norms of morality and cultural obligations. The society always long for mature relationships and mutual respect between each member of this society. The main goal behind bringing in the sexual restrictions is that each member of this society should be treated with dignity and not as instruments of fulfilling lust.

Sex in itself, is not wrong at any age; but premarital sex may harm the mental development of adults in several forms. Premarital sexual experiences, many a times, leads to the misconception that sex is to be enjoyed at whatever ways possible. Forced premarital lovemaking will lead to mental depression and dilemma. Another danger is possible exchange of diseases; as premarital partners may not be aware of diseases that spread through intercourses. Getting pregnant through premarital sex is another disaster. Emotional imbalances and guilt feeling could be the result of most premarital sexual affairs.

Premarital sex is not approved by any modern society, yet, stories of adolescent fathers and mothers come out largely, especially from the highly civilized European nations. Modern lifestyle has opened multiple opportunities for boys and girls to interact closely and deeply in public and private. They have ample chances to experiment the sexuality which they witness through internet and Televisions.

Law can only threaten people, can never make them to not do something. The most effective way of defending premarital lovemaking is spreading awareness of healthy sexuality among children. Awareness of healthy sexuality is not at all the knowledge of safe sexuality. Train them to mingle with opposite sex in a mature way. Inspire them with mutual respect between man and woman. From the very childhood itself a baby should learn to accept people as men and women, the equal partners of life on earth; not as objects to fulfill lusty wishes and ambitions.

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